28 July 2010

Last night was another instalment of one of my new favourite shows, The Ugly Face of Beauty - and yet again it's given me loads to think about. Hearing the sad stories of people who've suffered after their surgeries is of course the thing that upset me. Like the show suggested, it's really important that anyone who has any type of surgery completely understands that there could be risks involved and that they know all about these before making their decision. After all, even very minor surgeries can cause complications, so it's best to have all the facts and the help of a qualified and friendly surgeon. But that wasn't the only thing I wanted to blog about today, I also wanted to say a little bit about looking after your skin and how a little bit of care today can really pay off in years to come. Living in the UK, you can be certain that me and my friends don't see all that much sun. While that may be bad for the spirits sometimes, it can certainly be good for the skin. Sun is one of the biggest causes of skin damage and is a huge culprit when it comes to the breakdown of collagen and the formation of wrinkles. However, before you start celebrating cloudy days too much, you should stop and remember that even if it doesn't look all that sunny outside, your skin can still be suffering from the effects UV rays. Have you ever been sunburnt on an overcast day? That's because the sun is a powerful thing, and a cold wind can trick you into forgetting just how powerful it is. Don't panic though, there's something you can do to protect your skin from the sun rays - wear moisturiser with sun screen in it every day and you'll be able to give your skin the protection it needs with very little hassle. Wearing moisturiser with an SPF of at least 15 means that you'll be less likely to form wrinkles and your skin will stay fresher looking for longer. Another massive thing you can do to safeguard your skin for the future is give up smoking, as the chemicals in cigarettes have been shown to cause premature aging - the last thing you want! Here at The Harley Medical Group we sometimes get asked about preventative measures by young people who want to do the best for their skin. We don't recommend that any people under 18 even think about anti ageing non surgical solutions, and it's only in special situations that our trained specialists would recommend anything to most young women. Instead, we say you should look after you skin in three important ways: wear sun cream, stop smoking and live a healthy lifestyle - that means eating all the foods you need to stay healthy as well as making sure you exercise as much as you can. All of these things are great preventative measures, and it's only when signs of ageing are more pronounced that we'd suggest having a look at treatments that could perk your skin up. These range from chemical peels to facelifts, and it really always depends on the skin, lifestyle and age of the patient, so an expert consultation is essential! And you don't have to be a teenager to start looking after your skin, giving up smoking and starting to wear sunscreen can help whatever age you are.