17 October 2008

While supermodel Twiggy says she hasn't had any cosmetic surgery herself, she does not condemn it and might be open to procedures in the future.

The sixties icon, born Lesley Hornby, has retained her good looks as she approaches her own sixties and says that her sensible diet and exercise plan is to thank for her still trim figure.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Twiggy said: "Subtle work can make some people look better. For instance, if I'd had a big hooter, surgery would have made me feel and look better. But some people go to ridiculous lengths."

When asked by the Daily Mail whether she'd once said that she'd never resort to cosmetic surgery she replied that this was not the case.

She added: "Ive had friends who have had little things done and they look sensational. I think that if youre going to have it done, research it properly and go to the best surgeon. I have, however, said that Ill never have Botox.

Twiggy's career has spanned modelling, acting, writing, presenting, producing and fashion designing. The sixties sensation is still actively pursuing many of these vocations while adding many new strings to her bow.

A number of aging female celebrities have spoken out in support of cosmetic surgery and non surgical procedures over the last few weeks. Including Toyah Wilcox, author of new book 'Diary of a Facelift', who pledged her support for women preferring surgery and Sharon Osbourne, who derided celebrities who keep cosmetic treatments a secret.