12 March 2012

Celebrities are not the only ones increasingly turning to liposuction to remove stubborn pockets of fat, non-famous patients are too. This is the view of plastic surgeons at the Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery clinic in Long Island, New York, who have noticed a definite trend in both news stories relating to celebrities having plastic surgery, and patients enquiring about the procedure.Dr James N. Romanelli of the clinic said: “Recent news reports have talked about several celebrities who have allegedly undergone liposuction, but it's not just celebrities who are benefiting from it. “Many of our patients turn to liposuction to remove excess pockets of fat for a more contoured and healthier appearance,” he added. Dr Romanelli went on to say that liposuction surgery is often combined with breast enlargement to give optimum results for patients. He believes that people pick fat removal surgery because it “helps people to look and feel their best”. Dr Dana Khuthaila, who also works at the clinic, said: “Recently, more patients who are considering liposuction on Long Island are asking about using it to sculpt the neck for a more defined jawline. “Although this is not the most common use for it, we can perform liposuction around the neck. This is a helpful solution, because it is especially difficult to remove fat from this area using only diet and exercise.” Both surgeons believe that the surgical procedure can help to increase self esteem and make patients look and feel younger. See original story here: