13 January 2014

Woman with nose in magnifying glassRhinoplasty, or Nose Reshaping Surgery, often achieves better results when done via an incision through the inside of the nose yet according to a Texas-based Cosmetic Surgeon who has performed several thousand such procedures in a 45-year career, many Surgeons favour the 'open' technique, which involves making an incision across the centre of the outside of the nose. Dr Sylvan Bartlett says he prefers the former, 'closed' technique, (where incisions are applied inside the nose) because this means he is better able to make the patient's nose "fit the face. Many times I am able to minimise the appearance of facial features that are not in good balance, such as a long middle third of the face".A further benefit of this technique, says Dr Bartlett, is that it makes it easier for the Surgeon to straighten the nasal septum which, if not done correctly, can result in what was a straight, albeit larger nose, being made crooked, because a pre-existing deviation at the lower end of the septum was not corrected at the time of surgery. More often than not, a general anaesthetic will be used during the procedure. "It's my goal to deliver a product as safely and comfortably as possible, which translates into affordability for patients." he tells his local news website,