22 March 2013

dv1768028Plastic surgery procedures carried out for cosmetic purposes continued to rise in America in 2012, while those considered necessary for surgical reasons fell. That was one of the findings contained in statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), released earlier today. But a number of cosmetic surgeons have discounted the theory, advanced by an article in Time magazine, that many people decide to undergo cosmetic treatments as a means of giving themselves a reward for their hard work. Among them is Dr Simon Ourian, medical director of a Beverly Hill clinic, who contends that, rather than this, people are more willing to undergo various treatments because of "improvements in the products, equipment and techniques now available." For a third year running, an increase has been seen in overall spending on cosmetic treatments, driven by minimally-invasive procedures, the APS found, and Dr Ourian added that the continued enhancements in products available is likely to see that momentum continue.