04 November 2013

stk212527rkeA combination of surgical and non-surgical complements to Facelift treatment could help to deliver the most effective results, according to one cosmetic surgeon from the US. Writing in a recent blog post, Dr Stafford R. Broumond explained that while he felt traditional Facelift surgery was among the most effective ways of leaving the face looking fresher and younger, a combination of treatments can be highly effective. "While aFaceliftalone can provide excellent facial rejuvenation results, I have found that combining Facelift surgery with a variety of other surgical and non-surgical procedures will often produce the best possible outcome for my patients," he observed.Among the non-surgical treatments Dr Broumand discussed were dermal fillers, line and wrinkle injectables, laser skin resurfacing and micro fat grafting. Dr Broumand also revealed that rather than drawing surgical markings while the patient is lying down - as many surgeons do - he instead preferred to make them while the patient was sitting upright and talking, so he can see how their face moves naturally.