18 September 2013

Woman's eyeAn Orange County plastic surgeon has been revealing all about how to look after what he considers to be the most impressive feature of the face the eyes. Dr Ali Sepehr says the upper and lower eyelids have a large effect on appearance and many of his patients undergo eyelid surgery to dramatically rejuvenate the look of the face as a whole.Otherwise known as Blepharoplasty, candidates for eyelid surgery include patients who suffer from excess skin around the upper or lower eyelid, bulging fat pads, dark circles and laxity of the lower eyelids. There also cases where people suffer from vision impairment due to excessive skin. Dr Sepehr recommends the procedure to any patient who feels that their eyes don't portray the youthfulness, energy, and joie de vivre they feel inside, when looking in the mirror or at pictures and notes the healing process typically involves little to no pain. Today patients can have upper and lower eyelid surgery very comfortably without the need for anesthesia, he said. The healing process is also pain free. After the first week, when the majority of healing period is over, patients always comment how surprisingly easy the process was from start to finish. Dr Sepehr added: The majority of human interaction including verbal and nonverbal communication involves the eyes. The eyes are also usually the first feature to demonstrate the signs of aging, affecting our ability to relay those playful cues of youth. Eyelid surgery can help restore our ability to spark interest in another soul with just a look.