05 July 2013

Doctor marking woman's bust with penA New York plastic surgeon has launched a range of lingerie, especially designed for women who have had mastectomies. Dr Sharon T McLaughlin-Weber, who had reconstructive surgery after a lymphoma diagnosis at 13, has released two intimate sleepwear bras and one bikini top. The range is designed to accommodate the various weights of prosthetics and hide the scarring associated with the procedure.“I hope that one of my bikini designs will be featured in Sports Illustrated and be worn by a model that has had a mastectomy. She can be every bit as sexy as the next woman,” she said. The bras and bikini feature an adjustable bust, so that women with scars can choose how much or how little cleavage they want to show. The products are also aimed at women who have uneven breasts – either from birth or from surgery. According to the Courage Couture website: “The line was designed to allow woman to reveal more if they wanted to. After all, our breasts may be altered but the rest of our body is the same as every other woman.”