06 January 2014

Female doctor talking to patientAn honest discussion with a Cosmetic Surgeon before opting for a specific procedure is essential to help ensure that the work carried out matches the patient's goals and their physical needs. That advice comes from Chicago-based Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Paul Steinwald, who stresses that patients need to ensure that the process of deciding which procedures to opt for needs to be a mutual two-way discussion. "Unfortunately, many surgeons simply perform the cosmetic procedures patients ask for, or that the surgeon is most comfortable doing, even if they don't result in the improved appearance the patient desires," Dr Steinwald says.And that discussion is all the more important because if a patient is not totally satisfied with the initial result Revision Surgery is generally more complex than the original procedure, he adds. So he recommends that each patient follows four basic steps to help ensure that they choose a Cosmetic Surgeon who is appropriately qualified to give medically sound advice: - Check what official certifications are held by the person carrying out the procedure, or Bodies they are part of - Ask during the consultation how often the Cosmetic Surgeon carries out the specific procedure or procedures discussed - Find out whether a friend or relative will recommend a Cosmetic Surgeon who has undertaken a similar procedure on them, and - If your Cosmetic Surgeon recommends a different procedure to the one you initially wanted, always ask for a second opinion.