07 February 2014

Woman holding breastCalling it "one of the most fulfilling procedures for women who have breasts that are too large for their body frame", a California-based Cosmetic Surgeon says Breast Reduction surgery can offer "cosmetic, emotional, and physical health benefits". Dr Christopher Chung says that, when coupled with a generally fast recovery time, the procedure can quickly alleviate long-standing back, shoulder and neck pain. Other benefits he lists, include:- Creating more symmetry in the breasts - Lessening skin irritation and under-breast rashes - Minimising discomfort when participating in physical activity - Helping patients fit into better clothing - Naking it easier to adopt correct posture, and more generally - Boosting self-confidence. Dr Chung says the two specific types of incision used for Breast Reduction procedures depend on the degree of reduction required. And because of the many factors contributing to a woman's choice to have Breast Reduction surgery, he concludes, it's very important that they seek advice from a reputable, certified Cosmetic Surgeon, and find out more about the procedure through a consultation. - We want to know from Breast Reduction patients what were the most noticeable benefits you felt after your surgery?