09 March 2012

More and more women are asking for smaller, more natural-looking breast implants. This is according to Dr James N Romanelli, a plastic surgeon practising on Long Island, New York. The cosmetic surgeon, who was interviewed for a recent press release, believes the shift may be the start of a culture swing away from larger, more extreme breast implants.He referred to the popularity of actresses with slimmer frames, such as Rooney Mara, star of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, when explaining why he believed this change had come about. A number of people associate breast augmentation with a large breast size, but it appears that more women are opting for smaller breast implants on Long Island, he said. They are seeing that surgical augmentation has the ability to shape and enhance their profiles without going to extremes, he added. He also said that it is not always just about looks but choosing the right size of breast implants can also be about practicality. Ive particularly noticed this trend among women who are extremely active and find that overly large breasts can be burdensome, he said. See original story here: