21 May 2012

Demand for cosmetic surgery procedures from new mothers looking to get back their pre-pregnancy body shape has led an American specialist to open a new clinic. Dr Sacha Obaid, founder of North Texas Plastic Surgery in the city of Southlake, said business has grown so much he is about to open a new office in Plano, Texas.The Harvard-trained plastic surgeon specialises in 'mummy makeovers', which can include a range of procedures, all designed to help a women reclaim the body that she had before giving birth, and increase her level of body confidence. Dr Obaid's focus is on tightening up the waistline of women who have found it impossible to regain their previous trim physique. He said: "What we find is that after delivering a baby, women can be left with excess skin that no lotion, potion, motion, or exercise at the gym can get rid of. "If that isn't bad enough, pregnancy can often lead to damage of the abdominal muscles that causes women to have a pooch in their abdomen no matter how much weight they lose or how much exercise they do." Mummy makeovers may also include work to lift the breasts, and liposuction.