19 July 2013

Man with large chestAs cosmetic enhancements have become more socially accepted, an increasing number of men are seeking cosmetic surgery, according to an Orange County surgeon. Dr Daniel C Mills noted that he sees a number of male patients who are experiencing an enlarged appearance in their breasts. This common condition, called gynecomastia, can often be successfully treated with male breast reduction procedures.Dr Mills said: “Gynecomastia can dramatically affect one's self-esteem, and it may even lead to a higher risk of breast cancer in men… Male breast reduction treatment is a way to effectively improve the condition and give patients a flatter appearance to the chest.” The condition can be the result of a number of factors, including recent weight loss, the natural aging process and steroid or herbal testosterone use. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery cited a 29% increase in the number of male breast reduction procedures to treat gynecomastia – going from 17,645 in 2011 to 22,736 in 2012. Dr Mills says recovery time is between three and four days – and patients can be given a compression garment to be worn under clothing for a few weeks to help speed up the healing process.