04 December 2013

Consultant and female patientIn the hothouse of the booming United Arab Emirates, people and particularly men - are increasingly turning to Cosmetic Surgery procedures to help them stay looking young and fresh. That's according to a report on The Gulf Today website, which notes that, while women still constitute the majority of most Cosmetic Surgeons' patients, men are increasingly taking up the variety of anti-ageing treatment options available to them. Dr Federico di Francesco, who practises at a recently-opened Cosmetic Surgery centre in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, says that, whereas the majority of his patients were once those seeking reconstructive surgery, he has seen a boom in the number of people enquiring about various elective surgical procedures.As a result of this surge in demand, he is keen to enforce the message that those seeking treatments should take care to always consult a qualified and certified Cosmetic Surgeon. "Patients need to be well informed by their surgeon about the benefits and risks of the procedures," he said.