03 October 2013

White braSurgeons don't only examine a woman's reasons for wanting the surgery before deciding on their suitability for breast enhancement s- they also need to get a more complete picture of their physical and mental needs. So says Dr Joseph J Castellano, a Tampa, Florida-based cosmetic surgeon, writing on website Americanhealthandbeauty.com. He writes: "Ideal breast augmentation candidates wont be either overweight or underweight, and shouldnt be actively dieting during surgery or recovery."Breast augmentation was the most popular cosmetic surgery in the US in 2012, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery "but despite its popularity, not every woman is a good candidate for getting breast implants," Dr Castellano points out. As well as a woman's general health, surgeons will also consider her age, any underlying reasons for changes in breast size and shape, such as pregnancy or weight loss, and consider how the procedure might improve the way they look. Dr Castellano also warns women: "Physical changes in the body have the potential to affect the outcome of cosmetic surgery", and urges them to consider how their surgery might create complications associated with future weight gain or loss, pregnancy or breast feeding. "Being aware of any potential risks like these is part of having realistic expectations about the outcome of your procedure," he concludes.