29 January 2013

Botox treatments should only be administered by trained and qualified medical staff, says the UK's governing body for surgeons. The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) wants to ensure that injections of the substance a potent neurotoxin can only be given by someone with medical training.The RCS has published its own list of standards which it would like to see all practitioners adhere to. Its president, Prof Norman Williams, told the BBC today: "The profession has a responsibility to provide standards to which we would expect our members to work." Surgeons are especially concerned at the growth in popularity of "Botox parties", at which people currently licensed to administer the treatment can inject any number of people in informal surroundings. The RCS wants all cosmetic treatments, including liposuction, breast surgery and Botox injections, to be carried out in a registered clinic equipped with resuscitation equipment for use in an emergency. It also wants to see vague claims used to promote such treatments, such as that they will make people "look nicer" and "feel better", banned. Currently, the Independent Healthcare Advisory Service, a non-government body, operates a voluntary register of providers of injectable cosmetic treatments.