10 August 2009

Doctors have drawn condemnation from cosmetic surgeons in Australia after news that they are offering cosmetic enhancements as door prizes.The GPs, located in Sydney, are said to be offering the unusual prizes as part of an event dubbed as a "fun night just for girls". The principles, Dr Anne Charteris and Dr Maureen Boyd, are reported to be performing the cosmetic procedures in their Doctors on Darling surgery, Thaindian News reports. The doctors claim that the procedures are designed to show how "natural fillers can help reduce lines, fill lips, enhance cheeks and improve the appearance of hollows under eyes". But the nature of their scheme has drawn widespread condemnation from cosmetic surgeons. While the benefits of these procedures are widely accepted and documented, the fact that they are being given away as prizes has been branded unethical. According to News.com.au, Charlotte Rees, Associate Professor in Medical Education at Sydney University said: "Whether doctors provide a service of cosmetic enhancement is one issue. "I think its more worrying having flyers to actively recruit and encourage women to have cosmetic enhancements." Dr Charteris has spoken out in defence of their methods however, and claims that their intents have been misinterpreted. She says that all procedures would be carried out by a fellow doctor and that the event was merely an information evening and they made no bookings with patients. Many ethical cosmetic surgeons and practises are concerned with the appearance of 'Botox parties' or similar social arrangements. Instead, they encourage patients to make decisions about cosmetic surgery for themselves and to always have them done in professional, clinical settings.