14 April 2009

While manicures have been keeping our fingers polished, surgeons around the world are using a new cosmetic surgery treatment that aims to ensure we have young, rejuvenated-looking hands. According to cosmetic surgeon Michelle Palazzo, hands can often appear old, as they become thin and sun damaged throughout time.According to Palazzo: "As we age, we lose fat in our hands, so there is less plump tissue between the veins in the skin and the structures below." She notes that this increases the appearance of veins and wrinkles on hands. Now, some surgeons are providing non-surgical solutions to keep hands looking young and attractive. Many are using dermal fillers and injections in order to plump up their hands and create a youthful, fuller look. The use of these products is often considered "off the label", as they are not being used on the face as directed. A report on notes that some surgeons are giving patients rejuvenating treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, light therapy and dermal injections in order to erase the signs of aging on their hands. Plastic surgeon Thomas Haas notes that the appearance of a woman's hands is important because: "...they're always out, and they're always exposed -- and it's a giveaway for aging." Another option often provided is the Aesthera PPX laser treatment, which works as a skin rejuveniser. These treatments help even out blotchy and uneven skin tones and diminish the look of freckles on sun damaged skin. In addition many clinics offer thread vein removal, which decreases the appearance of veins on the face and body. The procedure leaves young, healthy-looking skin.