22 November 2010

Surgeons have highlighted the dangers of using Do It Yourself Botox kits and are encouraging people to turn away from online injectable kits. While widely available on the internet, many DIY Botox or filler kits can pose significant dangers to the user - even if they have experience with injectables. The mail order products have been appearing for sale since 2008 and warnings have surrounded them ever since. Side effects of incorrectly administered Botox-like products can include; infection, droopy eyelids, disfigurement and, in rare cases, blindness. Speaking to the Courier Post, Steven Davis, a plastic surgeon based in America, explained: "Botox has become so accessible people think they can inject it themselves. "The truth is it requires sophistication to know how to reconstitute it, how to inject it and how much to use." Dr Davis also revealed that drug companies have issued warnings about knockoff Botox products to doctors. Allergan, the manufacturers of Botox, have begun printing a hologram on boxes of the product. Adeena Babbitt, spokeswoman for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a New York-based professional group also voiced her concerns about the rising problem. She said: "We are aware of this and it raises genuine concerns. "Injecting Botox or fillers may not be surgery but it is definitely a medical procedure." Patients are encouraged to always visit a reputable clinic when considering any non surgical solution, as only trained professionals have the skills and abilities to ensure cosmetic surgery treatments are carried out safely.