22 January 2014

Man with large chestGynaecomastia procedures, which help eradicate 'Man Boobs', are a solution increasingly being sought by men of all ages, according to an American Surgeon. The condition, though, is most acutely felt among younger men, says Dr Ram Kalus, speaking from the experience of the patients he sees at his own practice in Charleston, South Carolina.According to a recent blog post from the specialist, many of these men can be made to feel ashamed of the condition because of the fear of bullying or ridicule from those around them in common situations such as showers, changing rooms and at the beach. He writes that there is usually no underlying medical cause of Gynaecomastia, so the remedy is almost always a surgical procedure. "Since breast tissue does not solely consist of fat, exercise and procedures such as standard Liposuction will not always produce adequate results [to treat Gynaecomastia]", he says. "Male Breast Reduction can not only provide the physical benefit of a more proportionate chest, but can also result in a significant boost in self-confidence," claims Dr Kalus.