22 August 2008

Everyone has got their favourite Olympic sport (mine has got to be synchronised swimming) but I've been cheering on sports stars from all categories this year. I've got so much respect for all of those dedicated athletes; just think how much of your life you have to devote to training and competitions. Strict diets and training routines may be great for the body, but there's always the danger of injury and other potential pitfalls that you might not think of at first.

Lindsay Davenport, star tennis player and Olympic medallist, might be best known for surgery involving sporting injuries - she had surgery on her knee back in 2002 and has had to pull out of this year's Beijing Olympics due to lingering problems - but she's no stranger to non-surgical enhancements either. Even though she's been a busy lady recently she made a little time last month to chat to Make Me Heal about her skin care routine and her experience with dermal fillers.

She's playing singles and doubles for the US team this year and, last year, the four-time world champion gave birth to her first child. It was not long after the delivery that Lindsay started to think about ways she could improve her skin, saying that she didn't think she looked as young as she felt. She obviously exercises a lot and takes good care of her skin, but being out on the court in the harsh sun so much of the time had detrimental effect and the stunning tennis player felt that it looked older than her 32 years.

Now, four months after the treatment Lindsay is still happy with the refreshed and rejuvenated appearance of her skin and says one of the best things is that everyone notices how good she's looking - but no one can put their fingers on exactly why!

She may not have had a chance to add any more gold medals to her collection this year but, with a gorgeous son and a new zest for life, I think she's a winner anyway.