15 January 2013

Advice has been offered to those who are struggling to get rid of stubborn body fat. Speaking to online news website Houston Fox, Dr Young Cho from Integrated Plastic Surgery and Zen Skin and Laser explained there are several surgical options people can try, such as tummy tucks, liposuction, mini tummy tucks and laser-assisted liposuction.Often, the surgical treatments recommended for patients will depend on whether they have lost or gained a lot of weight, as well as whether they have any loose skin, he said. This can be abdominal area, outer or inner thighs, and the back, Dr Cho continued. He also pointed out that there are several non-surgical procedures people can try, such as a treatment that involves cooling and stressing the fat tissue to reduce the size of the area. It is important that before undergoing treatment, individuals have a thorough consultation with an expert to discuss the best possible option for them, the expert advised. If you have a lot of looseness of skin, then we may move straight to a surgical option. It's very important to set expectations of what you can achieve, Dr Cho concluded.