08 October 2013

Female doctor talking to patientNon-invasive skin-tightening procedures are cheaper and boast a shorter recovery period than surgical alternatives, says a leading American cosmetic surgeon but the greater degree of control offered by the latter means they are far more likely to help a patient achieve their ideal look. Dr A Jay Burns, of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, weighed up the specific advantages of both types of procedure for an article for Skinandallergynews.com. He said that the changes which can be achieved by non-invasive means are characterised as being "unpredictable and subtle", whereas "surgical skin tightening involves total elevation, full repositioning, and control, with predictable, clear results."Dr Burns presented his views at a meeting of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, and told members: "Surgical skin tightening is for those who want optimal results, maximum quality and predictability, and elegance", whereas the non-surgical equivalents are better suited "for patients who prioritise downtime, cost and risk over results". He added that clinics and practitioners who are honest about the different forms of technology they use, and about managing their patients' expectations when consulting them about any surgical or non-invasive procedure "shows character and aids reputation".