11 March 2014

Woman holding breastThe English Home Counties are becoming a hotbed of Cosmetic Surgery, and is reflected by figures released showing a 300 per cent increase in procedures carried out in one part of the region over in the past year. A hospital in Croydon, Surrey, has seen three-fold increases in the number of several of the procedures in which it specialises.The most-requested procedure has been for Breast Implants, which have seen a 321 per cent rise, with Neck Lifts just a shade behind, showing a 320 per cent increase. Facelift enquiries have also more than trebled, while Rhinoplasty and Breast Lift procedures were not far behind, having seen 283 and 227 per cent rises during 2013. But one of the hospital's consultants took the opportunity to reveal that many prospective patients were seeking Cosmetic Surgery for the wrong reasons. "About 10 per cent suffer from disorders where they become obsessed by one feature that they believe is causing them unhappiness," he revealed. And when their Cosmetic Surgery doesn't help them overcome the lack of self-confidence which is at the root of their difficulties, it can result in that becoming much worse. "I think it's important, culturally, to focus on the fact we're human beings and have personalities rather than someone having a beautiful face," the surgeon told the Croydon Advertiser. As a result, an initial thorough consultation with a Cosmetic Surgery expert should carefully investigate the motives behind each patient requesting the procedure they are seeking. - Have you been discouraged from undergoing Cosmetic Surgery, or conversely, had your view changed after undergoing a consultation with a surgeon? Tell us about your experiences on Facebook.