Survey finds men equally as body conscious as women

12 February 2015

How many times a day do you bemoan your bottom/ breasts/ stomach (delete as appropriate)? You may be surprised to hear that men are just as conscious about their bodies as women. In fact, Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan has spoken out about his ‘massive hang-ups’ – and results from a recent survey show that many men are in agreement.

He may play the confident Christian Grey on screen, but the 32-year-old admitted that he feels less than comfortable about his looks. He said: “I think I am like anyone. I have massive hang-ups about my physical appearance.

“If I see an image of myself, all I see is this skinny kid and I don’t like it.”

Dornan’s body insecurities are aligned with findings from a new survey, which show that around 31 per cent of male respondents deem the torso the most important physical attribute, while 35 per cent rated this as their most hated body part.

What’s more, men are starting to increase their spending on treatments and products to improve their appearance, shelling out more money per month than their female counterparts. Additionally, 19 per cent of men said they have had or would consider undergoing Cosmetic Surgery to progress their career.

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