07 October 2008

A new survey has shown that breast enlargement patients in Britain are increasingly opting for smaller, more subtle increases.

The research, released by the Harley Medical Group, shows that 75 per cent of women who have undergone a breast augmentation procedure in the last six months chose to rise just one or two cup sizes.

This "less-is-more" approach follows the emerging celebrity trend for smaller breasts. Glamour model Katie Price and former Atomic Kitten signer Kerry Katona both underwent high profile breast reduction operations recently, while TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson has also expressed a desire to surgically reduce her 34G cup.

The Harley Medical Group director Liz Dale said: "The 'Boob Job' has always been the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure we perform. These days women come to us looking for a natural result, not a look-at-me statement décolletage, which can sometimes cause too much attention.

"Contrary to popular belief, most cosmetic surgery patients want to fit in - not stand out!"

Two popular breast implant shapes include the "round high profile", which producers a more spherical appearance in the upper breast, and the "contoured" breast implant, which reflect the slope of the breast.

However the rising desire for more restrained increases mean that patients are choosing the third breast surgery option: the "lower profile implant".

Breast enlargement surgery remains the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK, making up 30 per cent of operations carried out in The Harley Medical Group clinics.

Other popular aesthetic surgical procedures in Britain include liposuction, facelifts and wrinkle relaxing injections like Botox.