30 July 2009

A recently released survey from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) has revealed that less common cosmetic surgery procedures remain 'fringe' despite media buzz. The 2009 Less Common Cosmetic Procedures consumer survey suggests that a number of the cosmetic surgery procedures that garner a lot of media interest represent a small proportion of the procedures actually taking place.Less common cosmetic surgery procedures included treatments such as bicep or tricep implants, calf implants, buttock implants, lip implants, penile enlargement and vaginal rejuvenation and all of these procedures were found to be performed significantly less than other cosmetic procedures. Only 1 per cent of the consumers surveyed reported that they had ever had one of the cosmetic procedures listed above, or another uncommon treatment. When then asked which of these procedures they'd had, respondents revealed that the most frequently chosen treatment was eyelash restoration (42.9%) with bicep or tricep implants coming in second (28.6%). Dr. Patrick McMenamin, MD, President of the AACS said: "This survey highlights that even though there has been increased attention on these procedures, the numbers prove that the trend is minimal at this point in time." Dr McMenamin also highlighted the need to ensure stringent safety measures were in place for all cosmetic procedures, no matter how popular they are. This was reflected in the views of those surveyed, of whom 88.8 per cent indicated that they were most concerned about safety. 81 per cent also claimed that they were concerned about cost when considering cosmetic procedures.