24 November 2008

A recent survey has found that more than one in five British men would like their wives to have plastic surgery.

The research conducted by Opera North surveyed 2,000 men and found that 16% of the respondents think their spouse needs plastic surgery.

The survey was commissioned ahead of the release of a new operetta entitled "Skin Deep" by comedian Armando Iannuci, expected to open in January. Opera North is opening "Skin Deep" in Leeds.

Almost a third of the men surveyed said if their wife were to undergo cosmetic surgery it would improve their sex life, while 19% thought that plastic surgery could save their marriage. Nearly a quarter of the men said they miss the body their wife had when they first met.

However, 35% of the men polled said they would never tell their wife she needed plastic surgery as she would be offended.

Most men wanted their wife to undergo liposuction on their tummy and legs. Breast enlargement was the third most popular cosmetic surgery choice the men chose for their wives.

The survey found the top ten cosmetic surgeries men wanted their wives to have to be:

  1. Liposuction on tummy - 37%
  2. Liposuction on legs - 25%
  3. Breast enlargement - 22%
  4. Breast reduction/uplift - 19%
  5. Liposuction on arms - 18%
  6. Teeth whitening - 15%
  7. Face lift - 13%
  8. Neck lift - 10%
  9. Nose job - 9%
  10. Bottom implants - 6%

Over a third of the men surveyed said they would be willing to pay for the procedure. However, 75% of the men said they would never undergo the knife themselves.