Survey shows Cosmetic Surgery may give you an edge over work colleagues

Survey shows Cosmetic Surgery may give you an edge over work colleagues

12 October 2015

You’ll have heard the phrase ‘dress for the job you want, not the one you have’, but can the same thing be said for your physical appearance too? According to a survey of 400 men and women, the younger you look the more chance you have of beating the competition at work.

The survey participants were shown a series of before and after photos of women who had undergone Cosmetic Surgery and asked to give their opinions on which look they preferred.

While having a procedure is by no means a necessity in order to land your dream role, the survey findings do reveal some interesting insights into just how much your appearance affects your chances in doing well at work.

So just how do the statistics tally up?

The women who had undergone Chin Implants, Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) or Dermal Filler treatment were scored higher for trustworthiness, motivation and creativity than their before pictures.

Having Rhinoplasty surgery upped a woman’s score on average by 14 per cent for motivation and competitiveness, and seven per cent for creativity.

Undergoing Anti-Ageing Dermal Filler treatment led to the most dramatic score increases, with women rated 35 per cent more trustworthy and motivated, 33 per cent more competitive, and 31 per cent more creative and friendlier.

But rather than erasing all signs of age and experience, it seems the majority of women choosing to undergo Anti-Ageing procedures and treatments to boost their career are opting for a more natural end result.

Manhattan-based Dermatologic Surgeon Dr. Ronald Shelton said: “They don’t want all their lines removed. They’ve earned them.”

But “many find themselves in a youth-oriented industry and despite their excellent experience, knowledge and seniority, they’re concerned about being asked to leave eventually”, he adds.

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