26 February 2013

Woman in headscarf next to convertibleActress Susan Sarandon has admitted that her secrets to staying youthful looking at 66 are mainly simple and old-fashioned. New York-born Sarandon, best known for her role as Louise Sawyer in the 1991 road movie Thelma & Louise, made her screen acting debut 42 years ago, and to coincide with her latest starring role, in Arbitrage, in which she plays opposite Richard Gere, she has been spilling some of the secrets which have helped her keep the looks which still make her a sought-after Hollywood star at the age of 66. And her simplest piece of advice isn't about using any expensive products - it's simply "don't smoke".She also told Metro newspaper that she stays out of the sun but doesn't even find herself tempted to do so. "I get bored sitting in the sun but even before I realised that, I knew it wasn't a good think so I really wasn't tempted," she said. Her Latin-style dark complexion may mean that she would tan easily, but, says the actress and former winner of the Best Actress Oscar: "I tan really easily and really fast, but I wouldnt let the sun on my face now. There really is a lot I still dont know but the past 15 or 20 years, I have known enough not to do that." And while she admits to having undergone some liposuction treatment around her eyes and under her chin, she doesn't have a favourite moisturiser brand. "I don't have one that I use. People send me different things and I try them," she said.