15 August 2012

Susan Sarandon has revealed that although she has undergone cosmetic surgery in the past, she is not tempted to try newer treatments such as Botox. The American actress - who won an Oscar for her performance in Dead Man Walking and has appeared in films such as Elizabethtown, Alfie and Enchanted - discussed plastic surgery on Larry Kings new online series Larry King Now.She confessed she is afraid to have Botox to smooth out her wrinkles in case the injections limit the way she can move her face when she is acting. However, Sarandon admitted her current appearance is down to surgery she had about a decade ago. I had something sucked outta here about ten years ago [gestures to her neck], but I just am kinda scared of the injections [like Botox], she stated. The actress added that she does not smoke, which is something she thinks helps her to retain such a youthful appearance.