Swapping fillers for facial exercises – the latest trend in the fight against ageing

18 June 2015

Popular in the early 90s, facial exercises seem to be making a comeback in the battle for younger looking skin.

Pioneered by fitness guru Eve Fraser – now 82 and a walking advertisement for the unusual regime – the ‘workout’ involves contorting the face through a series of expressions in order to strengthen the muscles beneath the skin.

The routine faded out as procedures such as Botox and Dermal Fillers grew in popularity; however recent trends towards more natural remedies have created a resurgence in the exercises and some Cosmetic Dermatologists are recommending the technique before, or even instead of, facial procedures.

A few exercises from the work out include:

  • The Les Dawson – look straight ahead jutting the chin forward and run all your fingers down the length of your neck, coming to a stop at the collar bone where you should hold the skin firmly.
  • The Spock Ear Lift – pinch the top of your ear between forefinger and thumb and gently pull upwards.
  • The Toothy Grin – clench your back teeth lightly together and smile broadly touching your index fingers to the corners of your mouth.
  • The Rabbit Sniff – clench your back teeth together lightly and smile broadly laying the sides of your index fingers along the base of your cheeks.

What do you think of the unusual routine, will you be adding it to your beauty regime? Let us know on Twitter.



Image credit: Rod Ferris/ Shutterstock