16 September 2013

Cosmetic surgeons with a patientNew measures designed to prevent under-18s from going through with invasive cosmetic surgery procedures have come into force in Taiwan.Last week, the island's health authorities passed a directive which prevents healthcare providers from carrying out invasive plastic surgery procedures on anyone under the age of 18. The new rules cover everything from breast implant surgery to suction-assisted fat removal.According to a report by the Taipei Times, the move was agreed by members of the Ministry of Health and Welfare's cosmetic surgery advisory committee.The ministry's head of the Department of Medical Affairs, Lee Wei-chiang, said: "The new measure is designed to protect adolescents' physical and mental health."Doctors who carry out work in violation of the new rules will be subject to a fine of NT$200,000 (4,232).The only situation where invasive cosmetic surgery can be performed on a child under the age of 18 is when there is a legitimate medical need. If this is the case then a parent or guardian will need to give their consent and be present when the procedure is performed.It is the Harley Medical Group's policy not to carry out invasive or non-invasive procedures on anyone under the age of 18.