Take it easy with face washing is the message from skin care specialists

23 October 2013

stk68287cor"Easy does it" is the message being put out by skin care experts in the face of the arrival on the market of increasing numbers of devices claiming to deep-clean the face. Washing the face at night is also important, while anyone suffering from acne should scrub out the soap, and simply rinse their face with water in the morning. Cleansing products which produce good results, but leave skin feeling tight might actually be revealing signs that the skin is damaged or has been over-dried, according to a skincare expert.Susan Taylor, medical director of Society Hill Dermatology of Philadelphia, said that the common way of dealing with skin problems, "to clean it more thoroughly, more vigorously", can do more harm than good. While most cleansing products have an ingredient which removes surface dirt and oil, which are rinsed away, this can also remove the oils which the skin produces designed to protect it. Symptoms such as stinging, burning and general irritation are signs that layers of the skin are being stripped, which can increase the risk of infections, and the harmful effects of environmental pollution. For daily use, it’s important to use a mild, non-irritant cleanser, such as The Harley Medical Group’s Gentle Cleanser. Additionally, unless you have a skin condition, such as acne, some dermatologists say you only need to wash your face once a day in the evening. Whilst night time cleansing removes makeup, pollutants and other dirt that has collected on the skin throughout the day, washing twice a day can cause dryness, so only rinsing the face in the morning may be beneficial.