Tamara Ecclestone shares her beauty secrets

16 October 2014

It’s fair to say that Tamara Ecclestone always looks nothing short of glamorous, wherever she goes. The 30 year old recently gave an interview in which she discussed her beauty tips and shared her secrets for staying young-looking.

The star admitted that although she’s a big fan of products containing SPF nowadays, she used to forgo it in favour of getting a tan. “I never used to wear SPF, how bad! I used to lay in the sun and fry. So wherever I go anywhere warm, I like to have SPF on.”

When it comes to moisturiser, Tamara uses it religiously, claiming: “I am so particular about moisturisers. I used to have such bad skin as a teenager and I refused to moisturise because I thought it would give me more spots but that’s a complete myth”.

As for her general beauty tips, the star swears by drinking plenty of water, avoiding “too many heavy nights” and getting sufficient sleep.

It’s clear Tamara Ecclestone is well clued up on beauty and Skin Care – do you agree? Share your Skin Care tips on our Facebook page today.