15 July 2011

106429956Socialite and friend to the royals Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has spoken out about her second nose job, saying it makes her feel 10 years younger. A party lifestyle and subsequent drug habit destroyed the nasal septum the cartilage separating the nostrils and she has had it rebuilt for a second time. She had nose reshaping surgery in 2006 but the results didnt last long because she missed nine of her 12 scheduled follow-up appointments and began experimenting with dermal fillers.But this time around, Palmer-Tomkinson has taken part in a photo shoot to show off just how great she feels. In an interview with She magazine, she said: I cant tell you how wonderful I feel like a different person. Before, I didnt want to go out, I didnt want to date. And now I want to go out, I want to date again. I feel 10 years younger. Someone said to me, You must look in the mirror, but I never do because Im too scared that my lovely new nose will have gone away again. As well as being really pleased with the look of her new nose, Palmer-Tomkinson says she has never felt more confident and is looking forward to the future.