Target stubborn fat with Liposuction

Target stubborn fat with Liposuction

15 September 2015

Barely a day goes by without images of one celebrity or another’s body transformation surfacing in the media. We’re used to headlines about extreme diets and intense exercise routines – which will certainly play big part in any sensational make-over - though their ultra-sculpted Hollywood look could well be thanks to Liposuction.

Balanced diet and regular exercise are the only healthy ways to lose weight and Liposuction is never recommended for the purpose of weight loss, as one Cosmetic Surgeon explains, “for patients who come to me wanting to have it all done as a quick fix to lose weight I generally refer them to a Dietician, a Personal Trainer or a Bariatric Surgeon to talk about other possibilities and about improving their lifestyle first.”

However, as a fat reduction treatment, Liposuction can effectively target stubborn areas of jiggle which just won’t budge through diet and exercise alone, helping you to achieve a more defined body shape.  Female patients commonly opt for the procedure to slim thighs and tone their stomach, whereas men often use Liposuction to reduce their love-handles or man boobs.

During the treatment a tumescent liquid is infused into the fat cells through small insertions and a cannula is inserted to suck out unwanted fat cells. Patients will need to take between three and seven days off work to recover from the procedure and a pressure garment must be worn for a recuperation period of between two and three months following the operation.

If you have a healthy lifestyle and are at your target weight, body sculpting procedures such as Liposuction can put the finishing touches to your body, helping you achieve the toned look you’ve always wanted.

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Image credit: Syda Productions/ Shutterstock