02 July 2009

If there's one thing we all know affects your self confidence, it's being teased. And if there's one thing we know children are especially bad, for it's teasing other children. So it's little wonder that many children end up with hang ups about their looks. Although it's hardly just children that suffer these taunts, people of all ages can be cruel when it comes to appearances. Things like sticky-out ears, unusual body shapes or prominent noses are just the kind of distinctive bodily features that are likely to get picked on.Luckily, many people get over their confidence issues, and some even learn to love their imperfections. Sometimes though, cosmetic surgery offers people the confidence boost they need to get over their hang ups. Whether they opt for ear reshaping surgery, nose reshaping surgery or breast surgery, there are plenty of people who feel that aesthetic procedures given them a whole new lease of life and a renewed way of looking at the world. However, here at Harley we think you should be a grown up before you make any big decisions - that's why we will only take patients who are 18 or over. Sometimes you just don't have the life experience to make an informed decision about procedures like these until you are an adult. It's also best to wait until you've stopped growing before deciding you need a boob job, just in case they have a bit of growing to do in years to come! There are plenty of things I thought I would love forever before my 18th birthday - and Bermuda shorts, a perm and yellow eye liner were among them. I wouldn't want any of those things now. What I do want now is the self confidence to make the most of my life, and these days I'm old enough to make the decision for myself.