31 March 2011

Leah, the 18-year-old star of American hit reality television show Teen Mom, has revealed that she wont be happy with her body until she has had her stretch marks removed. A source close to Leah told US online magazine Hollywood Life: Leah wont feel perfect until those tell-tale signs of pregnancy are gone for good. The television show, aired on MTV, follows the lives of teenage mothers in America and many are not only surprised by how much hard work goes into being a mother but also how pregnancy affects the body. Other stars of the show have already talked extensively about having breast implants, liposuction surgery, and other procedures in order to achieve their pre-pregnancy bodies. Amber, 20, is one of the mums on the show to admit to wanting cosmetic surgery, telling viewers that she plans to get $50,000 (nearly 40,000) worth of procedures in order to look like Marilyn Monroe paid for by MTV!