Tehran found to be Nose Job capital of the world

Tehran found to be Nose Job capital of the world

7 April 2016

Tehran found to be Nose Job capital of the world

Tehran is not the first place that springs to mind when you think of Rhinoplasty surgery (Nose Jobs) – but according to statistics, there are more Rhinoplasty procedures per person than in LA, the home of Hollywood.

While often considered to be behind the times in comparison to the Western world, getting Rhinoplasty is just another everyday occurrence in Tehran. In North Tehran there are many Cosmetic Surgery clinics – and even more people emerging from them with bandages across their nose.

Leading Iranian Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Dr Hamidreza Hosnani said he often performs up to four Rhinoplasty procedures per day, with his clinic open six days a week.

Sahand Zaraei is a university student who aspires to become a model. While told he had potential by a fashion magazine, he felt his nose needed “to be a bit more perfect” in order to have a chance at competing against other models.

And Sahand is not alone. Many people in Tehran have already undergone Rhinoplasty surgery by the time they are in university, on account of the many 'benefits' it offers.

So what makes Rhinoplasty such a popular procedure in Tehran? Firstly, prospective patients cite their want to reduce their 'Persian nose', which is believed to be over-pronounced. Secondly is the belief that western notions of fashions and beauty are to be followed if they want to look attractive.

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Image credit: Crystal Kirk/ Shutterstock.com