28 October 2011

Halloween is a mere three days away but chances are youll be celebrating this weekend, so here are ten scary makeup ideas to get you inspired (and to scare your friends!) One: Werewolf You will need...To grow a beard if youre a man and very well prepared! If a beard isnt a possibility then get some faux fur from the haberdashery section of your local department store, or head to a fancy dress shop where theyll have stick-on facial hair and skin-friendly glue. Then youll need a set of scary werewolf teeth and some black eyeliner to complete the look. Grrrr! Two: Green Witch You will need...Green face paint, red lipstick, black eyeliner and a black pointy witchs hat. If you cant get hold of a hat, fold a piece of black card into a cone and stick this onto a piece of circular black card with a hole in the middle big enough to fit on the top of your head! Three: Red Devil You will need...Red face paint, some devil horns, a red outfit and a black devils fork. Paint your face red, stick on the horns, practice a terrifying grimace and away you go!   Four: Green Cat You will need...A keen eye for detail and probably a friend with a steady hand. Copy this picture using makeup and face paint to achieve an impressive look for Halloween.   Five: Skeleton You will need...White face paint and black eyeliner. Wear all black or all white if you dont have a skeleton outfit and simply copy this picture to scare the life out of those other partygoers.   Six: Frankenstein You will need...Green face paint (why not suggest to your friend/partner that they go as a witch so you can share this?) and black eyeliner. Simply cover your face completely with the green paint, draw black around your eyes and a black scar with stitches on your cheek. Seven: Angry Mime You will need...White face paint, black face paint, a black outfit and white gloves. This is a bit different and original and while it doesnt have to be scary, you could add a touch of fake blood to the side of the mouth to give it a Halloween edge.   Eight: Witch, skeleton and Dracula You will need...All manner of things! This is one for the kids so just get in the face paints and coloured cards and let them go wild.    Nine: Pumpkin You will need...Ideally a pumpkin outfit and some orange face paint!  Ten: Pumpkin Pug! You will need...A cute little dog who doesnt mind you dressing it up so its the centre of attention all night.   Dont forget to treat yourself to some great cleansers and other skin care products to get all that makeup off! Happy Halloween!