02 January 2013

Journalist Karen Cross has experimented with a range of anti-ageing procedures in a bid to look ten years younger. In an article for the Daily Mail, she explained she was driven to make some changes after seeing a photo of herself back in 2002, when she looked considerably younger.To kick things off, she started following a proper skincare regime consisting of day and night moisturisers, cleanser, eye cream, day serum and collagen-boosting night serum. This was then followed by a course of laser rejuvenation treatments, Botox injections in Karen’s forehead, chin and jawline, and a chemical peel and Dermaroller session. “Immediately afterwards I looked like I’d spent a week in tropical sun without SPF and my skin felt hot and sore. But after two days the redness faded and, for the first time in years, my skin glowed,” Karen explained. To complete her treatment, Karen had fillers injected into her lips to plump them up, as well as a teeth whitening treatment and a new hairdo. “I can honestly say I feel so much better in myself. The day after my final treatment I went for Christmas drinks with friends, and everyone commented on my appearance,” she stated. “This experience has changed how I think about beauty and taking care of myself, and I’ll definitely keep up my skin and haircare routines, Botox and fillers.”