Test your knowledge: little known facts about Cosmetic Surgery

Test your knowledge: little known facts about Cosmetic Surgery

20 October 2015

With this year marking the 100th birthday of Cosmetic Surgery we thought we’d take a look at some of the current trends and statistics currently surrounding the industry and its influential figures:

  • It’s still all about boobs!

It may not surprise you, but the number one Cosmetic Surgery among women is still a Breast Augmentation.  Infact, one Surgeon reported the number of procedures performed in 2015 has dramatically increased since last year, with the same number of Breast Augmentation operations between January and June as are normally performed in an entire year.

One thing has changed about Breast Enlargements in recent years however: the size of the implants. Women are less likely to opt for DD/E implants, which were popular in 2013, and more often are choosing a C/D cup size for their new breasts.

  • But booty is a big deal

Did someone say Kardashian? The influence of reality TV’s favourite family can be felt heavily in pop culture but it seems the sisters are also influencing how women see their bodies. 45% of Butt Lifts performed in the last year were inspired by Kim Kardashian and little sister Kylie has also sparked a spike in Lip Filler enquiries since she admitted to using Juverderm injections to plump her pout. 

  • Even your vagina can now be designer

The Labiaplasty is an increasingly popular Cosmetic Surgery, with more and more women choosing to undergo the procedure for cosmetic, rather than medical, reasons. Research has found that the average age of a female genital surgery patient has also dropped from 35 to 28 in recent years.

  • Women still make up the over whelming majority of Cosmetic Surgery patients

A huge 91% of Cosmetic Surgery patients are female. Though there have recently been significant increases in the number of men opting for Non Surgical treatments such as Botox.

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Image credit: Karramba Production/ Shutterstock