19 December 2013

Pretty looking mum and babyThe term has taken off right across America in the past couple of years but a Texan Cosmetic Surgeon has written a series of blog posts going into detail about what a 'mommy makeover' can involve. Dr Steven Holzman says it is a catch-all term, used to describe individual or a combination of procedures which have become especially popular among women in their 30s and 40s. As a result, there can be a wide variety of procedures discussed at an initial consultation, where the Cosmetic Surgeon will spend most of their time listening to the patient's reasons for wanting to enhance their appearance.A follow-up post details typical candidates for a 'mommy makeover', and notes that the most common motivation is for a woman to regain her body shape after pregnancy and giving birth. "Some of these women are younger and will proceed with surgery knowing they are not going to have more children, whereas others have just completed their child-raising years and are ready to finally take care of themselves," Dr Holzman notes. The next step is to discuss in detail the various procedures which might be undertaken, such as a Breast Lift, Reduction or Augmentation, a 'Tummy Tuck', and Liposuction. Dr Holzman also stresses that various combinations of these procedures are regularly requested. He finally reassures potential patients with the "good news" that recovery time need not be increased depending on the number of procedures undertaken.