03 June 2011

78026051The Texas Medical Board is today considering new regulations for the use of Botox and other line and wrinkle treatments. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery more than 2.4 million people had Botox last year, and with this figure set to increase further, experts believe the industry needs much stricter regulations. Dr Lori Stetler, a dermatologist operating in Dallas, said: As long as I'm the one purchasing it, right now I can delegate to whoever I want to. This system is one that Dr Stetler is not comfortable with, and she is behind efforts to make injectable treatments safer for patients. The board will discuss everything from the use of prescription drugs in cosmetic treatments, to the training of those administering the injectable fillers. Theres no set or approved curriculum or licensure or anything for that, says Dr Stetler on the subject of training. "I like the idea that they are looking into and hopefully will get rid of some of those people who are harming the public," she said.