The Acne Face Map, what your Blemishes Reveal about your Health

The Acne Face Map, what your Blemishes Reveal about your Health

5 August 2015

Acne flare ups can be a nightmare! Sometimes it seems that no matter how meticulous you are with your skin care products, you can still be left with oily patches, clogged pores and blemishes. So where do you turn when your favourite cleanser lets you down?!

According to one skin care expert, the area of the face where you suffer from breakouts can be an indication of an internal imbalance that’s causing your acne.

The specialist’s face map suggests:

  • For acne on the forehead

Common causes of break outs on the forehead are a poor diet that is too high in fat and processed foods, irregular sleep patterns and digestive problems.

Diet is the biggest factor when it comes to treating acne on the forehead, according to the skin care expert. Eating less greasy processed foods and generally reducing the amount of fat in your diet should improve the skin’s condition. Drinking plenty of water will also help to flush the toxins from a poor diet out of your digestive system.

  • For acne on the cheeks

Flare ups on the cheeks can be tricky to deal with, they’re often caused by a diet too high in dairy, stress and allergies.

Stress and lifestyle choices are the areas of concern when treating blemishes on the cheeks. Making some positive lifestyle changes, quitting smoking (if you do) and addressing any allergies can help alleviate the condition. The expert also recommends eating more leafy green vegetables and wheatgrass to increase the alkaline levels of your internal systems.

  • For acne around the mouth and chin

Blemishes around the mouth and chin are usually to do with hormonal changes and stress.

The skin care professional suggests taking proper care of your health and body will help ease hormone related flare ups. Getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated and eating a healthy balanced diet will keep your skin looking fresh.

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Image credit: R.legosyn/ Shutterstock