The Angelina effect: more women aware of Reconstructive Breast Surgery

The Angelina effect: more women aware of Reconstructive Breast Surgery

28 September 2015

Angelina Jolie-Pitt’s brave decision to undergo a Double Mastectomy in May 2013 caused a flurry of media headlines. The actress spoke openly about her Breast Surgery and seemingly improved the lives of thousands of women by dramatically raising awareness of Reconstructive Breast Surgery.

A study about the media’s effects on health care related issues has found that following Angelina’s announcement, 92.6% of women were aware of Reconstructive Breast Surgery – a brilliant majority. 

Angelina opted for the surgery after she tested positive for the BRCA1 gene, a mutation that significantly increases a woman’s chances of Breast Cancer. The actress has a family history of the disease and had the preventative Double Mastectomy.

For many women, the Reconstructive Surgery – which replaces the breast tissue removed during a Mastectomy with either a silicone implant or the patient’s own body fat - can mark a real turning point in their recovery. The psychological benefits of restoring a ‘normal’ feminine body shape can give patients a real confidence boost after under-going difficult Cancer treatment.

One fifth of the study’s respondents said that Angelina’s example had made them, “deal more intensively with the topic of Breast Cancer” and demand for genetic testing in the UK has almost doubled since the star shared her experience.

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Image credit: Joe Seer/ Shutterstock