The bad habits that are ruining your skin

The bad habits that are ruining your skin

11 August 2015

A comprehensive beauty regime can make all the difference to problem skin but there are some skin care sins that are all too easy to make! Here are a few of the most common mistakes that are causing havoc for our complexions.

Sleeping in your make-up – repeat after me: I WILL CLEANSE MY FACE BEFORE BEDTIME! This is an absolute must for even the most low maintenance ladies. Wearing make-up on overnight means leaving dirt, oil and grime on the skin, all of which (as well as being a bit gross) will cause unnecessary break outs and blemishes.

Excessive scrubbing – while regular exfoliation can be the secret to a healthy ‘glow’, being overzealous with the face scrub, or using a product that’s too harsh, can upset your complexion causing  irritation and sensitivity.

Touching your acne – you know you shouldn’t, but squeezing a pimple can still often feel like the quickest way to get rid of it. Resist the temptation though, as you’re most likely making the problem worse. Picking at a blemish can spread bacteria across the skin, leading to further imperfections. Instead, apply a spot treatment and leave well alone!

Dirty make-up brushes – you wouldn’t take a shower only to put dirty clothes back on. So why take the time to cleanse your face only to apply make-up with a mucky brush – you’re putting a week’s worth of grime back onto your skin! Wash your brushes regularly to avoid undoing all the good work you do pampering your skin.

Shaving too often – shaving can be a quick fix it you’re in a hurry, but it’s the least efficient way of removing unwanted body hair. Because razors don’t remove hair from the roots they can cause it grow back thicker and coarser, try alternatives like Laser Hair Removal for a permanent reduction in hair growth.

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Image credit: Svyatoslava Vladzimirska/ Shutterstock