‘The best decision I ever made!’ – one woman’s Breast Reduction story

‘The best decision I ever made!’ – one woman’s Breast Reduction story

21 October 2015

Having large breasts can often be made to sound like the ideal body shape. But for many women, the reality of living with a plus sized chest is inconvenient and painful, commonly leading them to opt for a Breast Reduction surgery.

Alssya Broome shared her Breast Reduction story, describing “a decision that allowed (her) to feel empowered, strong, confident and beautiful.”

At the age of 12 Alssya developed a large chest which caused her significant physical discomfort, “It was difficult to participate in sports and exercise and it was unbearable to stand on my feet for long hours at my various part-time jobs. I had extreme lower-back, shoulder and neck pain.”

She also felt insecure and under confident as a result of her breasts, “I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I always hunched over, believing if I didn’t stand up straight and tall I could hide my chest. I hated changing in gym class and going to pool parties with my friends. I would even get sick at the thought of someone seeing me naked.” While finding clothes and underwear that fit her body shape – let alone looked attractive – was virtually impossible.

Despite being particularly unhappy with her body shape, Alssya deliberated her decision for some time, trying first to reduce the size of her breasts through weight loss and talking at length with her friends and family about the procedure.

Ultimately Alssya decided to go ahead with the operation. A Breast Reduction involves making an insertion vertically from the base of the breast up to and around the nipple. Some of the breast tissue is then removed, along with the excess skin, and a new smaller, perkier breast formed.

Alssya is delighted with the outcome of her surgery, “I was finally taking control of my life and my body and it was empowering… Since my surgery I’ve gained endless amounts of confidence and my self-esteem has gone through the roof. I now can wear the clothes I want to, find cute bras that actually fit, walk straight and tall and exercise… as my body healed, so did my mentality.”

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Image credit: junrong/ Shutterstock