13 September 2012

A slowdown in the rate that skins cells regenerate is just one of the things that people in their late 20s need to watch out for. That's according to a report by lifestyle website Divine Caroline, which has highlighted a number of changes that men and women go though as they pass from their twenties into their thirties. The ageing process means the uppermost layer of skin can take 30 days or more to renew, compared to the 20 or so days it takes for people aged 20 or below. Exfoliating gently once or twice a week is said to help encourage quicker regeneration.A loss of subcutaneous tissue is also something that people will experience as they get older, according to the report's author, Nicki Zevola. It can lead to a "hollowed-out look", and maintaining a healthy weight can help to prevent this. Lines and wrinkles are also something that people are faced with as they enter their thirties. However, there are a number of cosmetic options available when it comes to dealing with wrinkled skin. Zevola said: "Use a nightly retinoid.Studies have shown that those who use retinoids have increased collagen production, both through increased cellular turnover and decreased matrix metalloproteinases (which degrade collagen)". Line and wrinkle treatments such as Botox, have also become increasingly popular with men and women in the UK looking to fight the signs of ageing. See original article here: http://www.divinecaroline.com/22179/132102-skin-changes-20s-30s